This past summer the Texas Supreme Court in Richie v. Rupe,  2014 Tex. LEXIS 500 (Tex. 2014),  all but eliminated shareholder oppression as a cause of action available to minority shareholders in closely held corporations being treated unfairly by the majority.  The Court held that there is no common law cause of action for

It is no secret that a majority of Texas corporations are privately held companies controlled by a small number of shareholders.  The controlling shareholders in these corporations may have a duty not to oppress the economic interests of the shareholders holding a minority interest. There are currently three cases pending before the Texas Supreme Court

Effective September 1, 2013 the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act becomes law.  In the past, trade secret law in Texas has been largely governed by a large and sometimes confusing body of case law.  Having a statute to rely upon should make it easier for companies to enforce their rights when their trade secrets are